About Us.

Your brand matters so here's more about ours!

At Digital DNA Media we bring your company's identity to life. From personal and small businesses to large corporations, our experts are here to help your company grow and succeed. Our team has have over 10 years of professional website design and graphic design experience.

Digital DNA Media strives to tend to every customers individual needs and circumstances. By combining technology, creativity, and experience, we offer extensive Website Design, Graphic Design, and Marketing and Strategy Services.

We build beautiful websites.

Our Process.

Step 1.

Digital DNA researches your competitors and the needs of your customer base to identify the major requirements for your project to succeed.

Step 2.

During this process, we build a rough draft of the website with a light mockup. This allows the client to make changes very easily and conceptualize what the final product will look like. Once the client is satisfied with the rough draft, the actual web development can begin.

Step 3.
Web Design

Our designers and coders collaborate to create a beautiful finished product. The client can then review the product and submit any feedback or revision requests.

Step 4.

We assist with implementing the design onto your live server and making the transition from your old site to your freshly designed masterpiece!

We've been working with people across the world.

International Experience.

Since 2009, we have been working with many demanding clients based in the United Kingdom by creating websites, corporate identities and print materials.
Additionally, we have completed many successful projects for clients from Australia, Germany, the United States, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Ireland, Russia, Pakistan, Poland, Belize and Indonesia.

What we believe in.

Our Values.


Our team takes great pride in the quality of work we provide. Every detail of the product we deliver to our clients is carefully scrutinized so that our customers are always 100% satisfied.

Social Responsibility

Our team actively participates in the community through volunteering and bringing awareness to urgent issues that should be getting more attention in our everyday lives.


The Digital DNA Media team is a very close-knit group of friends and colleagues that are very comfortable brainstorming and collaborating together to deliver the perfect product for our clients.